HECOLL abbreviates as Health Cover for All.

India ranks as the 5th most polluted country in the world with tropical Sun blazing and germs plaguingthe public transport of metropolises. It was for THIS—the harshest of environments— we envisioned a revolutionary fabric with a sole purpose - ‘To Protect You’.

The widely-worn cotton fabric protects only 10% from Air pollutants, Viruses and Sun’s harmful UltraViolet rays. While humanity is sending satellites into space already, we are still here using archaic cotton fabric. Recognising this gaping void in fabric technology led to our “A-HA!”moment. HECOLL’s technology protects you from 99% UV rays, 95% Pollution ,and kills Viruses & Bacteria. A genius solution to a global problem.

Call it serendipity, HECOLL came into existence just 10 months prior to Pandemic-COVID. We take pride in doing our bit for the society by supplying hospitals in red zones and the UN Association AP & Telangana with our 40+ products.

HECOLL is a ‘conscious’ brand with core values of women empowerment and mental health. Everything we do is environment centric, the fabric completely composts in 14 weeks. With us, you are safe, responsible and smart.

Behind HECOLL’s core values is a team of entrepreneurs, superhero-like individuals who feed on their strong principles of compassion, responsibility and courage. We are all globetrotters and between us, we’ve seen most of the world. That’s how we know it’s worth saving both a life and planet Earth. HECOLL was born only after a rigorous trial and error process, nights of brain-storming and deep research. We sprinkled creativity and branding over it.

With an ambition to spread wings across the globe, we are on a pursuit to deliver safety to every corner of the world. We truly believe that if there’s any right way to live, it is to ‘Live Aloud’ – with no fences of doubts hovering. Please drop by our office to grab a coffee and chat. We absolutely love one on one conversations with strangers.